hell yeah trans rights!

sal/leeches,, he/him,, 17,, quite gay,, artist and multi-instrumentalist

ho fame ma bevvi monster e ho la nausea ://

(english translation: i'm hungry but i drank monster and i feel sick)

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everyone on here trying to make an audience

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Hello everyone I am here just to have a good time and post some art, feel free to talk to me!! :^)

Why not start this blog off with Jojo art for good fortune

hmm,, i have two tests tomorrow ((on my birthday)) and i think that's a wee bit home of phobic

listening to this and drawing in class cause sometimes that's all ur brain can do :p

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Yeah it's totally cool! You're not a nuisance at all sjkhfs Though I'm a little confused on how the messaging system works on this site so hopefully my reply will reach you! Lol

hmm yeah,, i just realized that i have no clue how messaging works on here either lmao,, but if i figure it out i'll message you !! :D

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Just a little Reimi doodle I did for my dailyreimi blog a little bit ago

about leeches? leeches info? ((psst im leeches))

sup y'all,, so this more or less an intro post ?

mkay,, you can call me sal/leeches ((whichever you prefer)),, im 17, and im also very gay and a trans dude (he/him pronouns per favore e grazie! (please and thank you!))

just a heads up,, i'm american but i'm teaching myself italian so i might post some stuff in italian but i'll put english translations underneath :)

im an artist and multi-instrumentalist (bass, guitar, piano, french horn, uke, and i sing)

my current hyperfixations:

  • jjba

  • mp100

  • the penumbra podcast

but yeah feel free to message me! that's all i gotta say :p

hello yall! ((hmm,, is that what ill start my first post off with ? sure why not)) so this is a preview of some doppio art im working on!! i haven't even gotten to part 5 but from what i know of it so far,, doppio is gremlin babey and i think that's pretty great !